Be Strategic with your Spring Break!


The deadline for registering for the 2017 BCM Discipleship Conference was March 2nd, 2017. Registration is now closed. Please contact 405-321-2810 or mailbox@oubcm.org with any questions. 

BCM Discipleship Conference FAQ

What is the BCM Discipleship Conference?

Come join us, along with college students from other universities, as we learn more about God, what it means to be on mission with Him, and have lots of fun! This is a time to learn from godly men and women who have lived out what they teach.

Where is the BCM Discipleship Conference?

BCM Discipleship Conference 2017 will be at the magnificent Glen Eyrie Conference Center, with a castle and beautiful grounds just outside of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Students will have the option to ride in the provided vans or ride in their cars to and from the conference.

When is the BCM Discipleship Conference?

March 12–17, 2017 - during spring break at the University of Oklahoma. We will leave early on Sunday morning and arrive back in Norman late Friday night.

What happens at the BCM Discipleship Conference?

  • Learn from godly men & women through large group sessions, workshops, small groups, and conversations that are designed to encourage and inspire you to know Jesus and make Him known.
  • Hike, explore, ski, rest, and spend time alone with God in the beautiful mountains.
  • Have fun and build lasting friendships with students from OU and other universities.
  • Be challenged & encouraged to take what you learn and live it out on campus and beyond.

How much does the BCM Discipleship Conference Cost?

The BCM Discipleship Conference prices change yearly, due to raising costs. We try our best to keep the expenses low for students. Can’t afford to go? Talk with a staff member about Must Trust (see below).

The early bird price for BCM Discipleship Conference 2017, if the $75 deposit is paid before December 1st, 2016 is $290.

The regular prices for the BCM Discipleship Conference, if deposit is paid by February 14th, 2017 are as follows:

Students riding in the vans: $320
Students riding in a car: $300 (not including gas)

After February 14, 2017, a late fee of $10 will be added to your conference fee total.

If you choose to ski or snowboard with the group going to Monarch Mountain on the free day, your payment will be separate from your conference fee and you must mail in a check for payment. Please contact us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for prices and forms.

Please Note: You may not sign up for Must Trust if you plan to ski or snowboard.

What is Must Trust?

Must Trust is an opportunity to see God provide for students who are not financially able to pay their own way to Spring Impact. The OU BCM is not able to provide the funds for students to go to this conference. For the past 48 years, those connected with the BCM (BSU) and students have been asking God to provide. To date, none of our students have been withheld from attending Spring Impact because of finances. We simply Must Trust God to provide.

Steps for Students – What are you agreeing to do?

  • Sign up for the BCM Discipleship Conference and turn in all registration forms
  • Pay as much as you can toward your balance (minimum $30 to register)
  • Commit to and regularly attend a Must Trust prayer group
  • Participate in OU BCM Must Trust fund raising events or service projects
  • Trust God, not just with what you do NOT have but also with what you DO have

Please Note:

  • Must Trust is not designed for someone else to sacrificially pay your trip while you are spending money on your own desires. This commitment to pay as much as you can is between you and the Lord.
  • You may not sign up for Must Trust if you plan to ski.