Paradigm Bible Study @ 7:30

Genuine Worship & Relevant Teaching, Tuesdays at 7:30pm.

Paradigm Bible Study is a time of teaching and worship aimed at celebrating the Gospel and helping students become lifelong committed followers of Jesus Christ.

A Paradigm refers to a person’s worldview, which includes personal beliefs, attitudes, and perspective on life. What a person believes (their paradigm) will shape them as a person and will help chart the direction of their life!

When a paradigm is altered, a transformative change or restructuring of beliefs, perspectives, and values happens. We want students to reorient their lives around Jesus and let Him change them from the inside out. We work hard to drive home core biblical values that will bring life change at the heart level.

We do this through singing, explaining the Bible, and pointing people to credible community, and life on life discipleship.

Listen to past messages on our Podcasts page. Cody Dunbar leads worship with BCM students every Tuesday @ Paradigm. If you are interested in joining the worship team, contact us!


OCCE Thurman J. White Forum - Conference Room A
1704 Asp Ave.

Directions: Head south from the Couch Cafeteria & Couch Dorm.


Fall 2016 Paradigm Speaker Schedule